Acquia acquia-certified-site-builder-d8 practice test

Question & Answers Acquia Certified Site Builder ? Drupal 8 Exam

Question 1

In the process of building your website, you installed several Drupal modules to try out, but did not
end up using Should you uninstall these unused modules?

  • A. No. Site performance improves when more modules are installed.
  • B. It is optional The number of installed modules has no impact whatsoever on site performance
  • C. No. Uninstalling the modules will cause a "white screen of death" (WSOD) since the modules were once enabled
  • D. Yes The more modules are installed, the "heavier" the site is This could cause performance problems on the site.



Question 2

How can you better secure the Drupal admin user (user 1) from outside attacks?

  • A. Do not give this user an obvious name like "admin" or "administrator" which are too easy to guess
  • B. Cancel the user account for user 1.
  • C. Remove the "Administrator" role from user 1, which makes them an anonymous user
  • D. Only allow members of the Drupal community in good standing to be user 1.



Question 3

Your Drupal site contains a contact form for anonymous users, with the following fields: subject (text
plain), name (text plain), email (Email), message (text long), attachment (file)
All fields are without any restrictions and none is mandatory to send the form
What is the potential security threat with this form1?

  • A. There are no issues with this form
  • B. Anonymous users should not have access to forms.
  • C. Anonymous users can upload corrupted or virus-infected files to your server
  • D. Putting a very long text into the message field, may timeout the form submit and open up options for DDoS attacks



Question 4

Your site review team reports that the new Product pages look good, but takes a long time to load.
What are two possible causes? Choose 2 answers

  • A. images are being loaded without using Image styles to load correctly sized versions
  • B. Internal Dynamic Page Cache is installed, but the reviewers are testing while logged in
  • C. The permission "View cached pages" is not set for Anonymous users.
  • D. The Performance setting for Caching is set to "no caching."



Question 5

You have installed a custom theme for your website, and you notice the theme displays a Druplicon
as the logo in the upper left corner As much as you love Drupal, you would like to remove this logo
ankdisplay your company's logo instead
How would you do this in the Drupal admin interface? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Go to Appearance > Settings and upload your new logo
  • B. Create a custom block. Include your logo in the block and place it in the appropriate region Uncheck the "Use the logo supplied by the theme" option.
  • C. This cannot be accomplished through the admin interface You must update the theme in code
  • D. Use a contributed module to inject CSS to hide the Druplicon and display your logo instead



Question 6

You've downloaded a new contributed module from drupal org and added its code to your site's
codebase However, its functionality is not yet available on the site.
What remaining steps might you need to take to get this module working? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Verify that the module's code is in the correct location in the codebase
  • B. Log in as an administrator and visit /admin/install/module-name to finish the installation.
  • C. Contact the module maintainer to get your site authorized to use the module
  • D. Enable the module from the "Extend" page in the site's administrative user interface



Question 7

Your company's website uses the core Bartik theme The site was installed using the "Standard"
installation profile The company's brand colors had been blue and white and the site's color scheme
reflected this However, the brand colors recently changed to oranges and red.
In the Drupal admin interface, how can you remove the blue and white branding in the theme and
change to orange and red?

  • A. Go to Appearance > Bartik settings Remove the blue and white color options and put in orange and red instead
  • B. In the body fields of your nodes, use the WYSIWYG editor to make all headings orange and red
  • C. You cannot change color schemes through the Drupal Ul. This must be done in code as part of the theme
  • D. You cannot change Bartik's color scheme Carefully choose photos making ample use of orange and red to offset the blue and white in the theme



Question 8

You had installed a contributed module on your website, but your site no longer needs it No other
modules have dependencies on this module.
How can you safely uninstall the module?

  • A. You can only disable modules, not uninstall them
  • B. Delete the module from the codebase
  • C. Uninstall the module on the Extend > Uninstall interface.
  • D. Delete the module from the database



Question 9

You have installed a contributed module called "Sample Module" that looks like it will be a great fit
for the business case you are trying to solve. However, upon closer examination, it looks like the
module only supplies a drush command; it does not have an admin interface.
As a site builder with no command-line experience, this will not work for you! You need a web user
interface to use this module.
How should you request a web Ul in the module's issue queue1?

  • A. Create a "Bug Report" issue for the module with subject line, "Create web Ul for Sample Module" and give it the "Major priority
  • B. Create a "Feature Request issue for the module with subject line, "Create web Ul for Sample Module." C
  • C. Create a "Feature Request" issue for the module with subject line, "URGENT Module Broken! 11 Needs Ul" D
  • D. Create a "Bug Report" issue for the module with subject line, "Create web Ul for Sample Module."



Question 10

You are having trouble using a certain contributed module You have read the module's
documentation and ensured it is configured correctly.
How should you find help? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Ask questions in the #drupal-support channel on IRC or in the #support channel on Drupal Slack group
  • B. Create a comment of type "support request" on the module's project page
  • C. Search for answers and ask questions in the module's issue queue on drupal org
  • D. Email the module's maintainer and ask for help


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