Adobe ad0-e312 practice test

Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert Exam

Question 1

A customer has a custom CRM System that holds all profiles used for Marketing Campaigns. The
customer wants to have the data available in Adobe Campaign Classic and use it for Marketing
Campaigns. The CRM System is relying on HTTP communication to communicate with other systems.
In which two ways can the CRM System push profiles to Adobe Campaign Classic? (Choose 2)

  • A. External Account
  • C. REST
  • D. SOAP
  • E. Workflows

C, D


Question 2

A customer has a requirement to create a web form that collects and stores unauthenticated users'
email, first name, last name, and color preferences to an Adobe Campaign Classic database.
The users are identified using a double opt in process only.
What kind of structure should be used to save data coming from the web form?

  • A. Custom attributes in recipient data schema
  • B. Custom data schema not linked to recipient
  • C. Default attributes in recipient data schema
  • D. Custom data schema linked to recipient



Question 3

A third-party system is required to push data in the form of JSON payload to an Adobe Campaign
marketing instance. Factory functions must be leveraged to authenticate the incoming POST request
to an Adobe Campaign instance.
Which JavaScript library must be used to meet this requirement?

  • A. /nl/core/jsspcontext.js
  • B. /nms/offer.js
  • C. /nl/core/shared/js.js
  • D. /nl/core/api.js



Question 4

A customer prefers to implement Single Sign-On on all Adobe product-based solutions that they have
so far, including Adobe Campaign Classic. What protocol is supported by Adobe IMS to integrate with
Adobe Campaign to meet the requirement?

  • A. OAuth 2.0
  • B. LDAP
  • C. SAML2.0
  • D. HTTP



Question 5

An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer needs to programmatically create a workflow based on a
workflow template, set an instance variable, and start the workflow. Which out-of-the-box method
should be used in this case?

  • A. StartWithParameters
  • B. SpawnWithParameters
  • C. Spawn
  • D. PostEvent



Question 6

An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer is creating a new External connection to a Microsoft Dynamics
CRM application to import contacts as Campaign recipients. When configuring the external account,
which three fields are required to create the connection? (Choose 3)

  • A. CRM Version
  • B. Server
  • C. Security Token
  • D. Client Identifier
  • E. Account
  • F. Password

B, E, F


Question 7

An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer needs to decide on the best approach to integrate with an
external recipient table from a SQLServer database. The solution needs to be able to do a daily data
sync of the newly detected recipient records into the Adobe Campaign database and append
additional data fields.
The IT department of the external database is able to provide the database connection details but
does not have enough capacity to implement any other custom processing solution.
Which integration option should the Developer choose for this scenario?

  • A. API integration
  • B. Federated Data Access
  • C. File Transfer Protocol
  • D. S3 bucket



Question 8

A customer asks an Adobe Campaign Classic Developer to write a web service that can be used to
update the meal preferences of recipients in real time. Which two configurations are required to set
up such a web service within Campaign Classic? (Choose 2)

  • A. Set security Token to 'true'
  • B. Set allowUserPassword to 'true'
  • C. Add securityZone Enumeration option using the remote server's IP
  • D. Configure the public IP of the remote server as a subnetwork In a security zone
  • E. Set keyBasedAuthentication to 'true'



Question 9

An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer wants to delete a Recipient record based on the first name
and last name via SOAP. What is the correct JXON syntax for achieving this?

  • A. {recipient:{xtkschema:"nms:recipientV_operation" ,'delete^where:{condition:[{expr:"@firstName=firstName,}I<expr:''@lastName=lastNarne''>]}}}
  • B. {recipient:{xtkschema:"nms:recipjent7_operation" ''deleteT- key'V'tafirstName^lastName'^firstNameifirstNarneJastNameilastName)}
  • C. {recipient:{xtkschema:"nms:recipient"I,'_operation" ''delete^firstName:firstNameJastName:lastNarne}}
  • D. {recipient:{xtkschema:"nms:recipjent7_operation" ,ldelete7_key,V'@[email protected]^where:{condJtion:[{expr:"@firstName=firstN



Question 10

An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer sets the max execution time on the initial Query activity in a
Campaign workflow. What happens when that time is exceeded?

  • A. Instance monitoring page shows a warning.
  • B. Workflow supervisors are notified.
  • C. A new iteration of the workflow is started.
  • D. Workflow is suspended and goes into the Paused state.


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