Apple mac-16a practice test

Mac Service Certification Exam

Question 1

Jeff uses his living room television as a display for his Mac mini. Jeff states the Bluetooth keyboard
paired with his Mac mini intermittently stops responding. What steps can you advise Jeff to take to
resolve the issue? SELECT THREE.

  • A. Make sure Show Bluetooth in menu bar is selected in System Preferences.
  • B. Press a key on the keyboard to reconnect it with the Mac.
  • C. Turn off Bluetooth in the Bluetooth pane of System Preferences.
  • D. Turn Wi-Fi off and on.
  • E. Check the battery level of the keyboard.
  • F. Check Activity Monitor.
  • G. Keep wireless devices within 33 feet (10 meters) of the Mac.



Question 2

John is attempting to use Handoff with his recently updated iPhone and Mac. It is not pairing
successfully. He just added home networking equipment to improve signal range. What
troubleshooting step should John try first?

  • A. Verify that iPhone Cellular Calls are turned on in System Preferences > Network.
  • B. Reset Network Settings on iPhone.
  • C. Verify that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • D. Verify that both devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network using WPA2 security.



Question 3

Why is it important to use the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) partition scheme on an Intel-based

  • A. The GUID partition scheme contains the necessary standard apps for OS X.
  • B. Firmware updates for Intel-based Macs require a GUID partition scheme.
  • C. Master Boot Record (MBR) requires a GUID partition map.
  • D. You should not use GUID. Apple Partition Map (APM) is the default partition map for Intel-based Macs.
  • E. Any of the partition schemes provided by Disk Utility will work.
  • F. An Intel-based Mac will not start up without the GUID partition map.



Question 4

An iMac starts, but becomes unresponsive after the login screen. How can you easily disable login
items to see if they are causing the issue?

  • A. Hold the Shift key at start up to Safe Boot.
  • B. Start the iMac to OS X Recovery and reinstall OS X.
  • C. Hold Command-S to enter single-usermode, then mo
  • D. Start the iMac to OS X Recovery, open Terminal, and use it to delete all login items.



Question 5

What should you do first if a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2013) does not show the AirPlay Display
menu icon on a network with an Apple TV (3rd generation)?

  • A. Reset all of the settings on the Apple TV and rejoin the network.
  • B. Startup the MacBook Air from Recovery HD and reinstall OS X.
  • C. Download the latest copy of iTunes and restore the Apple TV.
  • D. Ensure the "Show mirroring options in the menu bar" preference is enabled.



Question 6

The installation of OS X Yosemite has failed. First Aid in Disk Utility reports directory damage but
cannot repair it. What do you do next?

  • A. Reinstall OS X using the Recovery System.
  • B. Replace the hard drive.
  • C. Erase the hard drive and then reinstall OS X.
  • D. Restart the machine and download the OS X Yosemite installer again.



Question 7

Mary is really busy and must focus on a weekly report. She really needs to update her apps in OS X,
but it is not always a convenient time when App Store notifies her. Which of the following would be
the best option in App Store notifications for Mary to select?

  • A. Click "Don't Ask Me Again" so the download apps reminder goes away.
  • B. Click "Later," and choose a convenient time to update the apps.
  • C. Click "Download apps in Sleep Mode."
  • D. Click "Close" and wart for another reminder.



Question 8

John often uses his computer around his roommates. He would like to keep his information private
by requiring a password each time the computer wakes from sleep. How does John enable this

  • A. Open System Preferences and click Desktop & Screen Saver. Click 'Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins.'
  • B. Open Security & Privacy in System Preferences and click 'Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins.'
  • C. In System Preferences, click Energy Saver, then click 'Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins.'
  • D. Move the cursor to the bottom-right corner of the display and enter a password when prompted.



Question 9

Bill says no matter what he tries he cannot open a specific document in Pages. Which of the
following would help you effectively isolate the issue?

  • A. Attempt to open a different Pages document.
  • B. QuitPages and try to open the document with Text Edit.
  • C. Quit Pages and adjust the framework which may be mismatched.
  • D. Restart from a different volume and try to reproduce the issue.



Question 10

Wireless Diagnostics incorporates Monitor Mode. Which of the following customer scenarios would
Monitor Mode help with the most?

  • A. A customer is having trouble sending and receiving Mail on a company wireless network.
  • B. A customer will intermittently have a Wi-Fi connection drop. The customer cannot narrow down any specific time that it happens.
  • C. A customer cannot connect to any password-protected wireless networks.
  • D. A customer is experiencing slow speeds on a specific public Wi-Fi connection.


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