VMware 2v0-01-19 practice test

VMware vSphere 6.7 Foundations 2019 Exam

Question 1

Which two statements are true about LACP support with the vSphere Distributed Switch?
(Choose two.)

  • A. LACP works with MAC hash load balancing.
  • B. LACP works with software iSCSI multipathing.
  • C. LACP does not work with host profiles.
  • D. LACP does not work with port mirroring.



Question 2

A vSphere administrator wants to export the log files from a vCenter Server Appliance for
Which three are supported methods to export the log files? (Choose three.)

  • A. Leveraging vRealize Operations Manager.
  • B. Using the Managed Object Browser to explore the DiagnosticManager.
  • C. Using the URL displayed on the VCSA DCUI home screen (https://:443/appliance/support-bundle).
  • D. Logging in to the vCenter Server Appliance Bash shell and running the vc-support.sh script



Question 3

A vSphere administrator cannot mount an NFS datastore.
Which three actions can be performed to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose three.)

  • A. Verify that the CHAP authentication settings are correct.
  • B. Run esxcli storage nfs list and ensure that the NFS filesystem is ext4 or reiserFS.
  • C. Run the nc z array-IP 2049 command in the ESXi Shell to see whether the ESXi host can reach the NFS server nfsd TCP/UDP port (default 2049) on the storage array.
  • D. Ensure that the ESXi host can vmkping the NFS server address.
  • E. Ensure that the access on the NFS server is set to Anonymous user, Root Access (no_root_squash), and Read/Write.



Question 4

Which two statements are correct when licensing an ESXi 6.x host? (Choose two.)

  • A. ESXi licenses can only be applied to ESXi hosts connected to a vCenter Server.
  • B. Bulk licensing requires vSphere Auto Deploy to be enabled.
  • C. ESXi licenses can be assigned utilizing the ESXi host client.
  • D. Bulk licensing requires vSphere PowerCLI.



Question 5

Which statement describes a vApp?

  • A. It is a container, like a resource pool which can contain one or more virtual machines.
  • B. It is a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications.
  • C. It is a file format that supports the exchange of virtual appliances across products and platforms.
  • D. It is a master copy of virtual machines that allows creation of ready-for-use virtual machines.



Question 6

What are the two minimum configurations of a disk group in a vSAN host?

  • A. 1 SSD drive for the caching tier and 1 or more SSDs for the capacity tier
  • B. 1 SSD drive for the caching tier and 1 or more HDDs for the capacity tier
  • C. 2 or more SSD drives for the caching tier and 2 or more HDDs for the capacity tier
  • D. 2 or more SSD drives for the caching tier and 2 or more SSDs for the capacity tier



Question 7

What load balancing appliance does VMware recommended for deploying a vRealize Log
Insight cluster?

  • A. F5 Big-IP
  • B. Citrix NetScaler
  • C. VMware NSX Load Balancer
  • D. Integrated Load Balancer



Question 8

What are two prerequisites for adding RDM disks to a VM? (Choose two.)

  • A. LUN used as a RDM must be visible to the underlying hosts in the cluster.
  • B. LUN used as a RDM cannot be visible to any other underlying hosts in the cluster.
  • C. VM resides on a VMFS datastore.
  • D. LUN used as a RDM must be hidden to the ESXi host.



Question 9

What are two uses of the vRealize Log Insight Agents for Windows and Linux? (Choose

  • A. Collect events from flat text files.
  • B. Monitor the state of syslog/eventmgr services.
  • C. Control the state of the syslog/eventmgr services.
  • D. Monitor directories with the filesystem.



Question 10

Which function key command will allow a vSphere administrator to access ESXi shell?

  • A. Alt + F12
  • B. Alt + F1
  • C. Alt + F2
  • D. Alt + F11


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